Thursday, June 14, 2007

A two-fer at PJ Media today

or maybe a four-fer, depending on how you count it. Roger Simon interviews Mark Steyn, for one. Steyn comments on the crappiness of American newspapers, journalism school, the general uselessness thereof, and how modern J-School grads are utterly out of touch with the reality on which they are supposed to be reporting, as a consequence of having been to J-School. Which seems kind of upside-down.

Then a three-parter from Oleg Atbashian, previously identified here as the creator of "The People's Cube," on the question of (I paraphrase) "What the HELL is the matter with the media, including the papers run by all the J-School grads, and particularly with Hollywood!?" Otherwise known as "Our Degenerating Media." Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. My personal favorite newspaperman, H.L. Mencken, never went to J-School, so he wrote it the way he saw it.

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