Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another Gore campaign event

This one disguised as a book-signing, thoroughly described by Webutante at PJ Media. I don't know who's selling the T-shirts or I would link. [See below for update.] They are deep green. The high-contrast iconic art on solid color stylistically resembles that seen on the standard model Che T-shirt. There can be no significance to this. No crossover appeal type of thing. Nope.

Update: Ann Althouse links to a USA Today article that seems to be a description of the same event: Gore: I'm not good at modern politics. The Althouse post is hilarious in itself and has some funny stuff in comments as well.

There's a funny little reverse spin (joke if you read the Althouse link) to some of this. Since politics is the art of getting people to do what you want them to, if you're not good at being persuasive, maybe the next political step is to admit that you're not capable of that and persuade them to line up behind you anyway. Something of a false modesty shuck, like comedians who get a laugh out of the fact that their last joke wasn't funny. Johnny Carson was a master at that, but was also very funny most of the time. Letterman, who is very seldom funny, has made it an autonomic reflex, and made a career out of it. (The word "funny" is used far too many times in this post. I know. I'm sorry.)

Update: The T-shirts are by designer Marc Jacobs. Don't bother looking for them on; the site is so trendy, 100% Flash and javascript, that it's hard to navigate at all, but these shirts (and bags, and "trucker caps"!) were a limited edition, evidently no longer available. But when they were available, they came in three different flavors, the olive, illustrated above; the red,

and the white.
It's looking more like a revival meeting all the time! All day singing, and dinner on the ground. Watermelons for dessert. Toss in a little of that good old hellfire to keep the crowd warmed up. That "Give 'em Hell" could not possibly be a Truman reference (wink, wink, nudge nudge). None of Al's fans remembers Truman; it's difficult to think of anyone less similar to Truman than Gore.

Save us, Reverend Al! TruthDig cites The Nation by way of HuffPo; Melinda E thinks that nothing could be cooler. The limited edition issue of these serves to further point up the elitist nature of the modern Democratic party. Only those who happened to be shopping at Marc Jacobs stores at just the right time will be able to have one [Ebay! don't forget Ebay!], and only the wealthy elites shop at Marc Jacobs stores. Or else, Marc Jacobs just didn't want to make up a lot of them without testing the water first. I wonder if they will reappear?

Update to the update: I may have misunderestimated Marc Jacobs's sense of humor, on display in his Sept 10 New York show.

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