Thursday, June 7, 2007

Immigration irrationality, continued

The bill has failed, for now. It does not have a stake through its heart yet. What is it about the concept of "illegal" that is so hard for some legislators to understand? You'd almost think there was something hidden about their motivations, the way they keep conflating illegal entry with legal immigration. There, now that it's stated that way, I see that even the expression "illegal immigration" is a conflation, designed to confuse the issue.

Freeman Hunt has an aphorism that could be more widely circulated:

Solving the illegal immigration problem by legalizing illegal immigrants is a little like solving a crime wave by legalizing robbery.
Not just a little like, a whole lot like. And: Michelle Malkin foams at the mouth while discussing the "effete conservative elites." No, really!

Update: a little more from Michelle Malkin on sanctuary vs. sovereignty.


Anonymous said...

Now Mr. Ried is using the term "Illegal Americans." Huh, does that include rapists, bank robbers and other assorted evil doers? I guess so!

Hector Owen said...

Nice point, Bud. End discrimination against illegal Americans! Child molesters, embezzlers, underage drinkers, people who smoke in the dining room at the restaurant, all this mistreatment has got to end!

Really though, dont you think he's just so used to "identity politics" that he's lost track of the different kinds of hyphenated Americans: African-, German-, Illegal-, Irish-, Mexican-, Polish-, and so forth. Being in politics too long has left him anesthetized to the meanings of words. But read that Fredo Arias-King article I linked to. It's the only thing that seems to make sense out of this huge push for yet another amnesty.

Of course, the parades are nice. Every politician loves a parade. With the flags and all. Maybe if the Drunk Drivers of America could get up a parade.