Friday, June 15, 2007

Harry Reid speaks, Marlo Lewis fisks

Apparently there is an energy bill in the Senate. Better they spend their time with anything besides the zombie of an immigration bill, which is reported to be rising from the dead. But the stuff that Harry Reid will say! Marlo Lewis chews it up it a bite at a time at Planet Gore. Here's just a little bit, to wet your whistle, or whet your appetite:

Reid: No reasonable person continues to doubt that global warming is real and that humans are in large part responsible. But it took President Bush six-and-a-half years to even utter the words global warming.

Bush used the words “global warming” in June 2001, during the very speech in which he explained his reasons for keeping America out of the Kyoto Protocol.

Reid: The best scientists in the world are telling us we only have 10 to 15 years to begin to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. That means starting now, not 2012 or later as the President suggests, but right now.

Doomsday predictions enjoy a long history of failure.

Reid: Countries across the globe have shown that they’re up to the challenge.

Kyoto-constrained Europe’s CO2 emissions are rising faster than ours; so are Japan’s.

Reid: Major corporations here in America are signing on, as are many state governments. They are facing reality and finding creative ways to turn it into opportunity. Science has been ignored on the federal level for too long. But that time is over.

As CEI President Fred Smith explained in congressional testimony, the companies “signing on” to Kyoto-style controls are either rent-seekers—businesses scheming to profit from market-rigging regulations—or firms that fear they will be “on the menu” if they are not “at the table.”

Reid could have run the speech past a staffer or two for a little bit of fact-checking. Of course, had he done that, there would not have been much left of it. Good work, Marlo Lewis!

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