Friday, June 22, 2007

Comment from a contrarian Canadian in Cambridge on the preceding

I do love to alliterate. A low taste, I know, but mine own.

So there's more on this with the vegetables and the Sopranos at a blog that is new to me, found through a backlink at Althouse on one of those mentioned in the previous post: David Chase (spoilers ahead), on the actual Sopranos episode; Blogging as Performance Art, on the Althouse miniseries described below. Adrian is the blogger's name, as the alliteration advances, and he also has the good taste to link to a Megan McArdle post that I also hold in high esteem, in The Essence of Conservative Thought. Go there for the link, it's a good 'un. As is the rest of The Misfit, which goes on the link list now.

His post on health care, Talk is Cheap, with its link to 45 million myths: Better Canada's frayed health care system than unbridled U.S. capitalism that leaves millions with no safety net, right? Well, take a closer look, by Norma Kozhaya, is something else that I should mention here. With the new Michael Moore movie coming out, and all.

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