Monday, September 21, 2009

Zelaya has returned to Honduras

Neo-Neocon links to Fausta.

Reynolds links to La Gringa, on the spot in La Ceiba.

Obama's continuing support of Zelaya shows, among other things, his contempt for the law. ("You, a law professor!" Lecturer, actually.) He learned the rules in order to be able to game the system.

Update: More, from Jennifer Rubin, who quotes the WSJ.


Trooper York said...

Obama is consistent.

He only betrays our friends and embraces our enemies.

I wouldn't want to be a ally of the United States right now.

Trooper York said...

Eventually he will do enough of this that it will reach critical mass.

Especially if he keeps screwing with Israel. They don't mess around.

If Israel does something to Iran, Obama's closest supportors will indulge in the usual black and ultra liberal anti-semitism and the crap will hit the fan. He will have to make tough choices. Stand with Israel or his closest supporters. It won't be pretty.

Hide and watch.

Hector Owen said...

Not going to hide. I remember from 2nd grade how to get under my desk and put my hands behind my head on a moment's notice.