Friday, September 11, 2009

Good news about ACORN

They might not be conducting the census, after all.

Will Obama try to change this?


chickenlittle said...

Will Obama try to change this?

Doubt it. ACORN has been found out by Congressional oversight opposition: link

chickenlittle said...

Not that the Congressional opposition didn't know about them all along-they just needed something substantial to hold fast to.

The Obama admin. is caving faster on things lately. It must mean something-what, I'm not sure.

Hector Owen said...

Fantasies, dreams, imaginary worlds, are fun to play with. Obama and his gang came to Washington with a lot of fantasies that they thought could be made real. But reality is getting in the way of the fantasies.

They've been running too fast to fall, for months. (Sort of like that thing in cartoons where a character runs off a rooftop or a cliff and keeps running, until reality catches up with him and he falls. TV Tropes calls this "Gravitational Cognizance.") But now that span is running out. I hope.

Trooper York said...

Just as long as they are not setting up the baby sitting services, I will be happy.

Just sayn'