Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN defunded ... or not

Instapundit reader Kevin O’Brien writes:

It’s a typical these-voters-are-such-rubes stunt; the House and Senate voted to defund ACORN on different bills. The Senate bill is a housing bill, the House bill the federal takeover of student loans. Each bill will wind up in conference committee where the ACORN ban can be quietly stripped out, behind closed doors and secure from prying eyes. Then the org can keep on doing its important work of voter fraud and pandering to presumed pedophiles.

The most useful principle to hold close when considering members of Congress: they’re all crooks.

You'd be right more often than wrong.


Trooper York said...

Wait a minute there is no way they are all cooks.

I bet Nancy Pelosi couldn't even boil water.

Trooper York said...

Oh wait I misread that. They are all crooks. Duh.

I would put it more colorfully.
Miscreants. Profittiers. Thieves. And a whole bunch of other stuff I can mispell at the drop of a hat.

chickenlittle said...

Something to watch for sure. But the ACORN funding is so high profile now that it hard to believe it won't be good copy for a long while.
What could more likely happen is a wholesale botoxing of ACORN (overseen by Madame Speaker of course).

Maybe what I'm saying is that ACORN just seems to have gone down too easily, and perhaps really didn't (yet). I read on Althouse or Twitter that there's another video due out tomorrow.

chickenlittle said...
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