Monday, September 21, 2009

Some background on ACORN

From the NY Post:

Sowing the seeds of destruction.

ACORN's shady tactics made headlines last week. But their shocking radicalism is nothing new.

"Every time you turn over an ACORN rock, something ugly crawls out," said Scott St. Clair, of the nonpartisan Evergreen Freedom Foundation based in Washington.
A story that should have been written years ago, but better late than never.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds.


Trooper York said...

I could have told you this a long time ago. I had posted how Acorn has been bought off by Bruce Ratner for the Nets basketball stadium project in downtown Brooklyn. Just as Bloomberg has bought them off. Why do you thing there have been no protests of Bloomberg like there has been for Giuliani. Mayor Mike just gets out his check book and pays off Acorn and Al Sharptons National Action league and activist ministers like Rev Daughtry and it is all good. Money talks and bs walks.

Hector Owen said...

"There are eight million stories in the naked city …" There are probably nearly that many in ACORN. Maybe some of them will begin coming out, if the group and all its subsidiaries can be de-legitimized to the point where some insiders feel safe coming out with their stories. Sooner the better.