Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Althouse commenter "montana urban legend" says "Hitler was much smarter than Bush."

The whole comment:

I don't condone comparisons of Mr Bush to Hitler. But the idea that you could force a Hitler comparison out of expanding access to health care is an even more desperate stretch than a comparison based on the violence of launching a war of choice.

And, oh yeah. Hitler was much smarter than Bush. Bush was kind of like a Forrest Gump figure, as far as presidents go. Likeable, lucky and oblivious. But not evil.

No fright here.

9/13/09 2:47 AM
I don't think Hitler was as smart as all that. Bush won his war, and retired from office alive, in a country that remains (aside from the WTC) intact, so far.

In the first sentence, MUL does not condone comparisons. In the fourth sentence he or she makes just that comparison. Short attention span? Or simply that "rules and laws are for the little people" attitude that we see so much of lately?

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Trooper York said...

Hitler was a very interesting character. A monster to be sure but very, very interesting.

A soldier in the trenchs of World War 1 he was actually someone who would deserve your respect for his valor in combat. He had an artistic bent and tried to express it with his painting and artwork. But somewhere it all went horribly,
horribly wrong. But encapuslating it all is almost impossible for any to comprehend. Someone who tried is Harry Turtledove in his World at War series where he created a character called Jake Featerstone who was set up to have the same benchmarks as Hitler in a Conderate nation with concerntration camps set up for African American's instead of the Jews. But he didn't come close to hitting the mark to explain how such a being could come to be.

It would take an artist of a genuis level to even approach this in a meaningful way.