Saturday, October 4, 2008

VP debate

I just about wanted to throw something right at the beginning when Palin condemned "predator lenders" instead of going after the Democrats, who set up this whole CRA, Fan & Fred mess.

It got better after that.

Watching Biden throw the bull is almost enjoyable, in the way that one enjoys watching any master practice his craft. Almost, but not really, because the future of our country is at stake—and the future of our country = the future of the free world, aka Western civilization. He slings the BS so well that people don't call him on it. The US and France threw Hezbollah out of Lebanon? Please!

Jim Geraghty at NRO has a list. Part 1, Part 2. There may be more to come.

But possibly the most important and dangerous thing he said Thursday night was that he and Obama would somehow make it possible in cases where people were having trouble paying their mortgages for the principal to be adjusted! We have heard a lot of crazy talk from the Democrats in this campaign, but this is past crazy and into psychotic territory. Gerard Van der Leun calls this "just simply mind-numbing." (Like being hit with a brick?) Do read the comments. Donald Sensing says "Biden promises to destroy the American housing market." Hope and change, all right. Let's just change everything, and hope we survive. Might lose a few Kulaks along the way, but it's for the greater good.

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blake said...

Yeah, the falling back on "populism" thing sucks.

What was reassuring, in some sense, was how strongly the focus group reacted to her spiel on personal responsibility.

It's not the boogeymn it's made out to be.