Thursday, October 2, 2008

NY Sun sets

I'm sorry to see it go. I had been a regular reader of Ira Stoll's Smarter Times website before he closed it, when he was starting the newspaper. I bought the paper whenever I was in their circulation area, which was very limited. It's too late for anything but Monday morning quarterbacking, BUT, I do think that if they had paid more attention to circulation, figured out how to do mail subscriptions, they could have become a national paper. Paying too much attention to the news side, not enough to the business side. As Susan Berger says, in a comment at Hit & Run, "We get the NY Post and NY Daily News in our grocery stores plus our other local newspapers, but the Sun was unable to send me copies even with me asking for a subscription."


The last editorial: The Arc of the Sun.

Chris Rozvar at NY Magazine. One of many eulogies to come.


blake said...

You know, it's funny: A lot of places are talking about how we should support good newspapers.

But I'm so appalled with them--for my whole life, really--that I just can't muster up the enthusiasm.

Hector Owen said...

I used to love newspapers. Found a day without a paper sort of lacking, somehow. Now I frequently go without for days at a time. Of course, the Web and TV get your news faster.

But then, what's a "good" newspaper? One you like, I suppose. If the only papers one can find are inaccurate and seem biased in a way that is unpalatable, by which I mean "in the tank for the Democrats," then reading them is going to be more of a chore than a pleasure. So why bother? I'll pick up the Sun [oops—guess not] in NY, or the Washington Times if I'm in that area, but most of the papers I have access to are just annoying.