Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain : Palin :: Théoden : Éowyn

Rachel Lucas explains it all. She sounds like Winston Churchill: "[T]he only honorable thing to do, ever, is to fight until you cannot fight any more. Even when you are horribly outnumbered, outgunned, outwhatevered - you must never give up because if you do, you’re handing victory to the enemy." That's a Texan speaking, one who, I imagine, remembers the Alamo.

Part 1: Do not despair, Part 2: Fell deeds awake.

That leaves Obama : Biden :: Saruman : Gríma Wormtongue.

That's assuming that Obama is not actually in the pay of foreign enemies, though the many dubious contributions give one to doubt that, but believes himself to be acting in his own behalf; one receiving such contributions might imagine that he could take their money, but not be beholden to them afterwards. So, assuming that he is self-deluded in this way is actually a charitable assumption.

I should explain that in this analogy I do not see Gríma so much as the evil counselor who nearly destroyed Théoden, but more as the feckless clown, trailing around after Saruman, who speaks words, lots of words, that are only loosely connected with reality.

Update: see here for a laugh. (That's the next post in chronological order, or the one above in blogological order, so if you arrived from the index page you have already seen it.)

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