Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sharp teeth of a weasel puncture pretentious gasbags

That would be S. Weasel, specifically. A brilliant reduction of the wheezy, overblown rhetoric of "second-rate intellect[s] that [have] been dragged through a first-class education."

Update: Somehow or other, what Weasel has to say about language ties in with this Sam Schulman essay: Class Will Tell: Why is Bill Ayers a respectable member of the upper middle class and Sarah Palin contemptible?

What the Ayerses now teach, think, and do hardly matters as long as they observe good form, the form of "educated community activists." Stern wants us to hear a mellow Chekhovian tone in their lives (and his prose). Perhaps, but in his moral reasoning I hear Oscar Wilde's Cecily Cardew, in The Importance of Being Earnest, observing that the Ayerses "have been eating muffins. That looks like repentance."
Ayers's wealth and family connections have something to do with it. (via)

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