Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Three libertarians — on television — at once!"

How often does that happen?

Talking about health care.

There's a little 2-out-of-3 giggle fit about 30 seconds in that seems refreshingly different from the usual punditry. Do Democrats ever laugh like that?

I haven't said much about the Obama health care initiative here, mostly because it came on so sudden. But it's another one of these bills that are too big to read, and yet must be passed in a huge hurry, because there's a crisis going on, don't you understand that, you dimbulb conservative obstructionist?

TigerHawk has something to say about bills that are too big to read. If they are too big to read, maybe, just maybe, they are too big to pass. Oh never mind, there's no maybe about it.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the video.

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