Friday, July 10, 2009

Skeptical scientists are speaking up

Starting from a thread at Althouse about the current G8 summit …

It seems that William Happer, Princeton physicist, who used to work for the government but was fired by Al Gore back in 1993, has joined with fifty-three other physicists, including a Nobel Prize winner (in physics, not peace), to write a letter to the Council of the American Physical Society asking for a reconsideration of the Council's November 2007 Statement on Climate Change.

Brian Karpuk writes about this at Newsburglar. The WSJ article he mentions is this one: The Climate Change Climate Change: The number of skeptics is swelling everywhere. 575 comments at last count, some of them substantial.

Happer's testimony before the Senate in February is here, and some other places as well.

Some of those physicists more recently wrote an open letter to Congress.

An interview with Happer:

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