Monday, July 27, 2009

Captain Stargood

This is a lot of fun. Here's the trailer:

More at Captain Stargood dot com, naturally. Not suitable for kids! Thanks to Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech, who did the music.

Something about this reminds me of Captain Video. I was a big fan, back when. (Ha! Not very big, at age 5 or 6.) My favorite bits were the "exterior" shots of the spaceships. The Galaxy and Galaxy II were good-lookin' rocket ships. They were miniatures, of course, but pretty darn good ones. There are a few shots of some of those miniatures at the bottom of this interview with Harry Persanis, who worked after school for the effects studio. The Internet Archive has a couple of episodes. Because most of the DuMont network archives were destroyed, those two are a fair proportion of all that remain.

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