Friday, July 24, 2009

Honduras is heating up fast

I'm glad that Neo-Neocon is keeping up with this. I can just send you over to her place.

Babalu has posts worth reading as well. Don't miss this one, about Zelaya's computers.

If President Obama had made a statement supporting the rule of law in Honduras, it would not have helped Zelaya. Chavez is Zelaya's ally. So the President of the US is supporting an ally of Chavez, and making it more likely that there will be civil war in Honduras. If it comes about, it will be something that looks a little like a civil war, but is actually a war of conquest by the hemispheric Socialist/Communist coalition. Might be more than that, considering how cozy Chavez is with Ahmadinejad. The Brits used to call international relations "The Great Game." Obama appears to be surrendering a lot of pieces.

Althouse linked to a Limbaugh transcript today. Search [ctrl-F] for "the CIA" and read along till you get to the bit about chaos.

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