Friday, May 30, 2008

C level rising

You loved the book, you raved about the movie, now you can hear the opera! TigerHawk notes that La Scala has commissioned composer Giorgio Battistelli to produce an opera based on An Inconvenient Truth. With judicious use of the forklift, Al Gore might be able to demonstrate that high C level that he likes to talk about.

I have no intention of going to Milan to see this. (Wouldn't it make more sense to stage it in Venice? Scratch that. Make sense of opera? Make sense of An Inconvenient Truth? Unlikelihood squared.) But I do hope it will turn up on YouTube.

Update: Victoria has more, and funnier.

Another update: Battistelli speaks.

And another update: Russell Seitz has more, including video, apparently from a rehearsal.

Yet another update: Roger L. Simon has discovered that William Friedkin will be directing the production.

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