Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two hits in a row

at Chicago Boyz. First Ginny with The Free Market Looks at the Environment. Václav Klaus speaks to the press, at least partly to promote a book, of course. I will be looking for it. The interview includes this gem:

HN: You do not believe that we're destroying our planet?
[Klaus:] I'm going to act as if I did not hear that. That could only be said by Mr. Al Gore; a normal person would be hard-pressed.
Next, a brief history of Communist propaganda in the 20th century, featuring the work of Willi Münzenberg, from Helen: The big lie or many small lies. This makes a nice companion piece for Eric S. Raymond's Suicidalism, from Sept. 13, 2005, and Gramscian damage, from Feb. 11, 2006. The amount of "conventional wisdom" that started out as enemy psyops is amazing. Sun Tzu probably said something about this. If you can make your enemy give up, because they have become convinced that they are just no damn good, you have won.

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