Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Global Warming Links

A few interesting links about global warming, starting with Christopher Monckton's first article on the Stern Report, in the Telegraph, Climate chaos? Don't believe it.

Monckton's second article: Wrong problem, wrong solution.

Unsigned Telegraph editorial with comments: Green blinkers.

Gore's response: At stake is nothing less than the survival of human civilisation.

Monckton's response to Gore: Gore Gored.

Monckton on the Summary of the IPCC report: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007 Analysis and Summary.

Melanie Phillips on doctoring evidence in IPCC report: Dirty work at the green crossroads.

another, from Timothy Ball, the first Canadian to receive a Ph.D. in climatology: Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts? via The Reference Frame, at which Luboš Motl has quite a bit more.

Update, March 12: Timothy Ball has been receiving death threats.

Update, Oct 23: Gore and Monckton are having another go-round.

Update, April 11, 2008: Monckton's movie is now available.

Update, January 27, 2009: Monckton writes again.

Update, April 23, 2009: There was nearly a joint appearance of Gore and Monckton before the House Energy and Commerce committee, debating the Markey-Waxman ACES Bill, but alas, it was not to be. The Democrats would not let the out-of-town challenger in the ring with their champ. So he retains the title, but we all know what happened.

Update, Oct. 22, 2009: Monckton spoke at Bethel College in St. Paul, MN, on the upcoming Copenhagen conference. "Is Obama poised to cede US sovereignty?"

Update, Nov. 21, 2009: Monckton spoke with Michael Coren on Canadian television in October.

Update, Dec 3, 2009: Monckton on Climategate: "The Whistle Blows for Truth."

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