Monday, February 26, 2007

Al has his Oscar

Which puts him right up there with Michael Moore. I couldn't miss the clenching of his jaw as he stood next to Leo DiCaprio for the announcement-interruptus gag. I still expect that he will announce. It will be interesting to see the dirt that Hillary!'s machine will be able to dig up on him.

Meanwhile, there is a couple of feet of global warming in the midwest.

DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- A huge winter storm plowed toward the East Coast on Sunday after dumping as much as 2 feet of snow in the upper Midwest, grounding hundreds of airline flights and closing major highways on the Plains.

Eight traffic deaths were blamed on the storm, seven in Wisconsin and one in Kansas.

Utility crews labored Sunday to restore power after the storm blacked out hundreds of thousands of homes and business in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio.

One Iowa utility alone had more than 500 miles of power lines down.

Ann Althouse has pictures. And lots of comments.

If it gets any warmer, we may have to do something about it.

One always fears for the future of one's country, because one's children live there. If we put the future of our country in the hands of people whose children spend most of their time elsewhere, in Gstaad or St. Moritz, is it wise for us to do that? Gore, Kerry, the international jet-set, this lot can relocate anywhere on short notice. I don't want leaders who are rootless.

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