Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama reveals tax increases

TigerHawk, in The audacity of tax: As bad as you thought they would be, calls the proposals "hideous." It's not just that rates are going up. There will be rates in places where there never had been rates before, and reporting requirements that never had been required before. All the Joe the Plumbers in the country will need to spend more time with paper work, less time with pipes. That will lower productivity of everything but paperwork. It will even lower productivity of tax revenue, by applying a reverse Laffer Curve.

Now we see what the doubling of the tax-enforcement funding is all about. An IRS agent (or at least an audit) for every taxpayer! Other than the Nomenklatura, who will cheat on their taxes and receive Cabinet appointments.

If the main goal of the Obama administration is to fight global warming by reducing America to Haiti's level of prosperity, while sequestering large amounts of carbon in filing cabinets, these proposals are a good start.

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