Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids looking a little green when they come home from school?

Maybe their teacher showed them "The Story of Stuff." Annie Leonard going on for twenty minutes about the awfulness of prosperity. She sounds ever so knowledgeable while getting everything wrong. The NY Times says

More than 7,000 schools, churches and others have ordered a DVD version, and hundreds of teachers have written Ms. Leonard to say they have assigned students to view it on the Web.

It has also won support from independent groups that advise teachers on curriculum choices. Facing the Future, a curriculum developer for schools in all 50 states, is drafting lesson plans based on the video. And Ms. Leonard has a contract with Simon & Schuster to write a book based on the video.
If you can teach the children that industrial civilization is eeevil, and that the poor, weak government is the servant of the corporations (personification of government is shown shining the shoes of personification of corporations), that will make it much easier down the road to regulate, regulate, regulate. Freedom, it's a bad thing. People are so wasteful, so careless, they are trashing the planet.

I heard all this stuff in the sixties. It's just more Ehrlichite alarmist nonsense. Delivering it to children with the endorsement of the school system is officially sanctioned child abuse.

The script, in PDF form, with extensive footnotes, is here. Does it mean anything that this production was financed in part by the far-left Tides Foundation? Can Heritage or C.E.I. get something like this into the schools? Would they even try to do that?

Spotted at Half Sigma, where the commenters do a good job of demolishing this piece of watermelon propaganda.

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