Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monckton not permitted to appear with Gore

The debate that never was. What a pity. It would have been a wonderful thing to hear, and a good thing for the world. But embarass a Democrat? Can't be allowed to happen, though the heavens fall.

At Climate Depot:

UK's Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at a high profile global warming hearing on Friday April 24, 2009 at 10am in Washington. Monckton told Climate Depot that the Democrats rescinded his scheduled joint appearance at the House Energy and Commerce hearing on Friday. Monckton said he was informed that he would not be allowed to testify alongside Gore when his plane landed from England Thursday afternoon.

“The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”
And at Watts Up With That, more story, and a lot of comments.

Monckton's comments on Gore's testimony.

Monckton did testify, a little, at another time. His written testimony (PDF) is brief and breezy. This letter (PDF) to Markey and Barton, expanding on the written testimony, is neither. For laughs, here's a look at that day at the hearing from an alarmist point of view.

That high profile hearing was on the subject of the Markey Waxman climate bill, or ACES (American Clean Energy and Security) Act. A four-part series on it at the WSJ's Environmental Capital blog begins here. Rep. Joe L. Barton (R-TX), ranking Republican member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, says in the Washington Times:
Nobody understands exactly what the legislation means in dollars and cents - more on this later - but to experience how it would feel to lower your personal carbon footprint to the size this bill proposes, set the flux capacitor to 1875. That's the last time Americans' carbon emissions matched the goals set by the Waxman-Markey legislation.

What, the old DeLorean is up on cinder blocks in the front yard again? In that case you can test drive Waxman-Markey by sailing down to Haiti, because current CO2 emissions are where Waxman-Markey wants America's to be in 2050. Radical environmentalists think such a CO2 level will be heaven on Earth, but the place that has actually achieved it is a nation swimming in bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever, dengue fever and malaria, with 47 percent illiteracy and a life expectancy of 49 years. So excuse me if I remain unconvinced.

Iain Murray asks, "Just What Is Waxman-Markey For?" And Kenneth Green points to analysis by Chip Knappenberger showing that even if the whole industrialized world, not just the US, were to go along with Waxman-Markey, "it would, at most, avoid only a bit more than one-half of a °C of projected global warming (out of 4.5°C—or only about 10%). And this is under worst-case emissions assumptions; middle-of-the-road scenarios and less sensitive climate models produce even less overall impact." To sum up: very expensive, entirely useless.

The Democrats are moving fast on their agenda, in the hope of getting it all enacted before the general public catches on.

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