Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little more Gore

Let's start with this:

The founder of The Weather Channel either wants to sue, or thinks someone should sue, Al Gore for fraud over his peddling of carbon credits. Who has standing? Sooner would be better than later. Thanks to Morgan Freeberg at the blog nobody reads for the video.

And move on to this: A year ago, I said "I still think he'll announce, possibly at the last minute, after all the other candidates have shredded each other to bits. He could then step in as the (choke) non-political candidate, the Man With a Mission." Now, the stealth campaign seems to be simmering a little more warmly. There are petitions, no end of CafePress goodies and an "Official Gore Store" for those official campaign buttons (ever so much better than the knock-offs), and more websites than you want to visit. The convenient GoreHub site lists quite a few of them. And Roger L. Simon has this: "You Know Me Al."

On the other hand: Gore is busy with his CurrenTV IPO, and the millions at stake there might look more interesting than the Presidency. Still, if the IPO can be done by the middle of August, he could have both!

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