Friday, March 21, 2008

A bit of Procol Harum

I have been a guitar player for most of my life. There are notes in the guitar parts of these pieces that I cannot identify. A little mystery, thank you Mr. Trower. A Christmas Camel. Cerdes. Repent Walpurgis, with Dave Ball carrying the guitar; not quite so mysterious or powerful as the version with Trower, but that is not online. I wish I could link "Something Following Me" here, but it does not seem to be online either. And this, for sheer weirdness, without guitar, Gary Brooker with The Drifters (what!?): A World of Love.

Update: Well, in a world which includes an Internet, what wonders we may behold. YouTuber ftyfty123 has the Trower guitar part on Repent Walpurgis note-for-note, almost but close enough, and up close. Look sharp to see the bits that involve almost the same note on two strings, with one choked enough to make the notes beat against each other.

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