Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Gore, they cry

For a value of "they" < 2. But that's enough of my readership that the call for more Gore-bashing must be answered. Briefly this time, though, with links.

Ponder the Maunder is the website of 15-year old Kristen Byrnes. As an extra credit project for Honors Earth Science at Portland (Maine) High School, she wrote up a point-by-point critique, a demolition really, of An Inconvenient Truth. While looking around for that page, I found her posting on Physics Forums [which appears to be a homework-help site], a little about how the appearance of "consensus" is being maintained, to the extent that it is.

Government scientists such as those with NASA JPL or GISS gave me the okay to acknowledge them in my paper that would be turned in to my teacher, but would not approve of the same in the on-line version.
Within the scientific community there is a fear of being harrassed by political activists, creationists, peers and etc. They also fear having their funding cut. As for the influence of the fossil fuel industry, it seems that there is no money directed to scientists who are not directly employed by the fossil fuel industry. Sceptical scientists do not want to accept fossil fuel money because they would be plastered all over the press as "shills" for the fossil fuel industry and their careers ruined.
So that's how that is going.

I compared Al Gore to a revival preacher in Another Gore campaign event. Roger L. Simon compares him to a couple of Sinclair Lewis characters, and also finds that Maggie's Farm had this idea way back in February, and with a terrific graphic, too. I'm sure it was just coincidence that Dodsworth was on TCM last night!

And I see that AGW has made it to the comic strips! The link is today's Dilbert, too big to be legible here. More jokes! Let us have more jokes. Maybe this thing can be laughed to death.

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