Monday, July 16, 2007

Dog story, non-shaggy

Yaacov Ben Moshe writes about four dogs. Real dogs, not shaggy dogs. There's a Liberal dog, a Progressive dog, a Conservative dog, a Libertarian dog. I'd love to see an illustrated version of this story, featuring Michael Moore as a toy poodle. That would be funny. This story is not funny, well, it has funny bits, but overall, it is moving, and worth reading in its entirety. (The rest of the posts over there are also worth reading. If I didn't think so, it would not be on the link list. But this one has dogs.)

This is a true story of hardships survived, pampered lives and the courage to face danger for the things and people you love. It is also an object lesson in how your philosophy affects your ability to survive.
It also has coyotes.

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