Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Gore goes to Washington

I don't have to write about Al Gore's testimony today, since Luboš Motl has already done the job. The following is a brief excerpt:

I used to think that America was kind of naturally immune against various crazy totalitarian intellectual streams and political movements, due to its mentality, history, and traditions. After seeing parts of Al Gore's testimony and the way how he was treated by some of the Democratic lawmakers, I no longer think so. This Gentleman is a mad megalomaniac and it is amazing what kind of a special treatment such an insane person can get in the Parliament of the most powerful and advanced country in the world.

Gore praised Europeans because "they're not talking about the science." If this were true, is it something to be proud about? "The Earth is shaking because of glacial earthquakes in Greenland," we learned. I haven't met or read a person who would have any idea what he talks about. The CO2 regulation is like the Marshall plan, he said - no clue where the similarity comes from. The Marshall plan was a plan that helped to spark the post-war boom in Europe. The Gore plan is a plan to create a worldwide recession.

The statement that the ten hottest years "ever" occurred since 1990 is repeated many times. Does he have any idea what "ever" means? It has become so normal to generate similar lies that it is no longer a problem to say these things under oath. Leftists often humiliate creationists who believe that the planet is 6000 years old - but the fact that according to the environmentalists' statements about eternity, the planet is at most 400 years old, doesn't disturb anyone.

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