Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More on Borscht Fascism

Excerpts from a forthcoming book by murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya. From Jerry Pournelle's mail, in Dr. Harry Erwin's regular letters from England.

December 8 [2003]

Were we seeing a crisis of Russian parliamentary democracy in the Putin era? No, we were witnessing its death. In the first place, the legislative and executive branches of government had merged and this had meant the rebirth of the Soviet system. The Duma was purely decorative, a forum for rubber-stamping Putin's decisions.

In the second place the Russian people gave its consent. There were no demonstrations. The electorate agreed to be treated like an idiot. The electorate said let's go back to the USSR - slightly retouched and slicked up, modernised, but the good old Soviet Union, now with bureaucratic capitalism where the state official is the main oligarch, vastly richer than any capitalist. The corollary was that, if we were going back to the USSR, Putin was going to win in March 2004. It was a foregone conclusion.
I earlier mentioned Borscht Fascism in As Russia goes.

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