Saturday, January 17, 2009

Experience will tell

or, Biden gaffes again. Spotted at Kausfiles:

“I know as much or more than Cheney." Mr. Biden said. "I’m the most experienced vice president since anybody.” Wow. a) Biden has no private sector experience after age 30, right? b) How insecure is this guy? Getting close to dangerously insecure, no? ... And here we we'd just succeeded in explaining away the "I have a much higher IQ than you do" aria of credentialist braggadocio. ...
To which I would add: You're not Vice President yet! Another error of fact. I have more Bidenisms around here somewhere: oh, here are the links to the Campaign Spot lists.

I expect the collected Bushisms will look like jewels of oratory, well-supported with facts and logic, compared to the collected Bidenisms.

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