Monday, June 22, 2009

Updated and corrected: FYI: ACORN is now COI, sort of

In a transparent attempt to confuse and distract, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now has changed its name to “Community Organizations International.” No more bad news about ACORN! And if you hear some, well, it's old news. There is no more ACORN! ACORN does not exist any more! Move on, move on! Thanks to Glenn Reynolds.

Update: If there is no ACORN, that certainly explains why Rep. Conyers no longer plans to investigate it. More. "Powers that be?"

Update: The confusion and distraction started working on me right away. As Blake points out in the comments, there's more than one ACORN. This is "ACORN International" doing the name-changing. Your regular domestic ACORN will carry on as usual. And that was the group Rep. Conyers was going to investigate.


blake said...

Actually, it's not ACORN that changed its name but a splinter group of ACORN (founded by one of the ACORN founders) that called itself ACORN International.

Confusing, I know.

Hector Owen said...

Thanks! I made some changes to the main post.