Friday, June 26, 2009

Evil mutant succeeds in first battle!

Forces of Truth, Justice, and The American Way have not prevailed.

Waxman-Markey passed in the House, 219 to 212.

Watts Up With That has the vote, and a video from the ridiculously brief debate.

More at Ace of Spades.

Michelle Malkin liveblogged the debate, Part 1, Part 1.1 (looking forward), Part 1.2 (sidelight on the relative importance of Michael Jackson's death), Part 2, Part 2.1 (sidelight on Barney Frank, and the bill's implications for financial regulation), and Part 3, the vote.

It's not a bill, it's a concept! I mean, it really is not a bill. Details will be filled in later. So they didn't know what they passed because they had not read it, and because it was not there to read. Both at once! There is some serious dereliction of duty going on here.

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