Thursday, March 26, 2009

How politically incorrect is this?

Vote for who you think is the most beautiful woman in politics.

Which of these would you most like to find at the door, asking for a vote?

Via Surber, who has comments, via Reynolds.

Update: More comments, and some suggestions, at A Tangled Web.

Another update: Surber follows up with a one-off, Granholm vs. Palin. It's scarcely a contest.

Aaand another update: TrogloPundit has more. And even more yet.


blake said...

Oh, this isn't fair!

Some of those women look like actual models. Isn't the Italian a porn star? (And at least the second porn star to serve in the Italian parliament, excluding things that happened during the time of Rome.)

Poor Hillary!

How about the woman with the most attractive politics? Sabine Herold, perhaps?

Hector Owen said...

Looking at this again today, I see that the ranking have changed a lot, since I first linked it, and some new faces have appeared. This poll is a dynamic rather than a static entity.

So who did you vote for, if at all? Disclosure: I put my vote in for Katrín Jakobsdóttir (based on cute factor alone), who I see has moved up from 60-somethingth to number 36. I don't think I would vote for her; also I suspect that's an old photo.

Sabine Herold is on the list now.

blake said...

The Russian is gorgeous, but the Ukranian actually looks like royalty.

But is that what one should be voting on? What are the criteria? We need rigorous parameters.

Otherwise, we're just guys on the Internet rating hot chicks.


Hector Owen said...

When you say "the Ukranian," I assume you are referring to Yulia Tymoshenko? A very interesting biography. Reminds me a bit of Dagny Taggart: rich as anything, strikingly beautiful, super-competent in many fields.

blake said...


And if she wore her hair in buns on the side, she could be in a "Star Wars" movie.

Seriously, she looks like Hollywood was casting for a princess or Joan of Arc type character.

The background is amazing. But I guess there really are superheroes, after a fashion.

Hector Owen said...

When you consider the difficulties (which is too mild a word) that Tymoshenko had to overcome to get to be where she is now, yes, she does look like a superhero. Also like a movie star, also like royalty. I hope I can live long enough to read the book that will eventually be written about her life. Will she write it herself? Politicians seldom write their own books, but sometimes they do. The way that Putin is bumping off anyone who seems troublesome to him, I have to hope that she will live long enough to write, or dictate, it.

Hector Owen said...

"Rigorous parameters?"

I passed that one through the synonym checker.

blake said...

I'm all about the loose parameters.

Which could be why debugging is such a chore.

Putin is a concern, for sure. I love the Russians, but I'm rooting for the Ukranians.

Hector Owen said...

Those loose parameters, if they're down around your ankles, will definitely make it tough when you're chasing cucarachas.