Friday, February 20, 2009

Sea ice and "sensor drift"

The National Snow and Ice Data Center lost track of sea ice amounting to 500,000 square kilometers, or 193,000 square miles, because of "sensor drift." That's a little more than nine-eighths of California. But:

Sensor drift is a perfect but unfortunate example of the problems encountered in near-real-time analysis. We stress, however, that this error in no way changes the scientific conclusions about the long-term decline of Arctic sea ice, which is based on the the consistent, quality-controlled data archive discussed above.
Pay attention to the narrative, never mind the pesky data. From Jerry Pournelle's mail.


blake said...

Remember: Nothing disproves global warming/climate change.

Hector Owen said...

Who knew there was a National Snow and Ice Data Center? I should take a look at the stimulus bill, there is probably a couple of hundred million in there for it.