Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nursing home patient goes outside for a smoke, dies of hypothermia

I thought the purpose of these smoking bans was to benefit people's health, not to kill them. Myles Patterson was 65 years old. "Mr. Patterson had been forgotten outside in temperatures which witnesses told the court dropped to -20 Celsius. Mr. Patterson, who was wheelchair-bound after a recent health setback, had gone outside to smoke."

Hypothermia is putting it mildly; I'd be inclined to say he froze to death. "The death of Mr. Patterson was contributed to by hypothermia resulting from being left outside in temperatures ranging between -16 and -20 Celsius on January 16, 2007. When rescued by nursing home worker Tanya James, Mr. Patterson was described as being drooped over with spittle frozen to his face. His jacket was partially zipped up and he was wearing no gloves or hat."

Roundup here.

All part and parcel of the "liberal" way of thinking, which sees only classes and masses, never individuals. (Except for the Great Leader, who is doing the seeing.) Individuals are collateral damage. It's all for the greater good, don't you know.

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