Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've been a-wanderin'
early and late
from New York City …

Not to the Golden Gate. I'll get back there someday. But lately, here:

and there:

and elsewhere:
Not a whole lot of Internet in some of these places. A little break from smoking quite so much blog.


blake said...

Never did no wanderin'
Never did no wanderin'

Now the sailor's life
Is the life for him
But it never was for me
And I never soared
Where the hawk may soar
Or seen what a hawk might see

Never hiked to heaven
On a mountain trail
Never rode on a river's rage

No I never did no wanderin'
After all

Hector Owen said...

Can't find a really satisfactory recording of the Carl Sandburg song; the James Taylor version is way over-arranged; this is as close as I can get.

I suppose I should record the darn thing myself rather than just griping about it.

Oh! was that a gripe? Maybe I'll be posting some more, if I'm starting to gripe again already.