Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Some wine and cheese.



Too much crystallized ginger. An aid to digestion. If someone does not steal it. About the right amount.

"… who would hide
"behind your chair
"and steal your crystallized ginger?" (At 4:21.) Have some quarter-tones, maybe some eighth- or sixteenth-tones, with that, and a good night.

Part 2 ["amoebas are very small," also long time sun, and pure light]:

Cockles, and whelks, and big winkles! (Video, NSFW.)

Calimari passim, search for critters.

Bon appetit.

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Hector Owen said...

I have found that if one sings "May the long-time sun shine upon you," etc., long enough, the sun will eventually come out. Sometimes it takes days, but it always works.