Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're not going to Durban, or Geneva, either


U.S. boycotts racism conference, says it 'singles out' Israel

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States is boycotting a U.N. conference on racism next week over a document that "singles out" Israel in its criticism and conflicts with the nation's "commitment to unfettered free speech," the U.S. State Department said Saturday.
Good news from Washington? Let us give thanks. Hey, aren't President Obama and Hillary! both in Trinidad today? Let's see how long this decision stands.

We could have sent a delegation that would try to bang some sense into the assorted anti-Semites and moonbats, but the likelihood of any success in that would have been minimal. Better to hang back with the Australians, who will also be skipping the conference. Hey, hang with the Aussies? Bound to be beer! All right now. Make mine a Cooper's.

Update April 20: Not just the Aussies and the US; the list of the non-attending includes so far Israel, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Good beer will be had at the rump conference.

Another update: Roger L. Simon is in Durban Geneva, and writing about it, naturally. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. And what you might consider Part 6, "How Ahmadinejad Made Me a Believer." Video. Text, with lots of comments.

Update and correction: Silly me, how did I miss that a conference called "Durban II" was actually being held in Geneva?

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