Sunday, February 15, 2009

The legal system

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

There's an essay, or a blog post (McArdle) or two (Poretto) or three (Max), or a book, in this. I don't feel like writing it today. But the cartoon is a pretty good multum in parvo of something that there's already too much of, with a lot more on the way.

Update a few hours later: See how these things tie together. In a few hours, I will write a post about the CPSIA. Concerning which Rick Woldenberg, chairman of Learning Resources, Inc., has this to say:

Is it just me (okay, it's probably just me), or are we being overwhelmed with critical information and rulings on a daily basis, to the point where it is impossible on a practical basis to even READ them?
He goes on with some bullet points:
A. It is incredibly complex and difficult to understand. Ask five people to explain how the law works, and see if there is even ONE point they agree on. Won't happen.…
B. It's infinitely more risky. Any violation of ANY provision (and there are a lot of provisions now) can be the subject of a recall.…
C. The law has become detached from consideration of risk and thus no longer corresponds to common sense.
D. Finally, and most importantly, these laws are so complex that they cannot be taught.
But go read the whole thing.


blake said...

Such things depress the aware. I think I'll go unconscious for a while....

Hector Owen said...

Me too. I gotta hang this up for now and get to sleep if I'm going to get to church in the morning.