Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions about Obama's fundraising

raised by Scott Johnson (who has more at Power Line): DUBIOUS DONATIONS: BAM'S WEB SITE INVITES FRAUD, Neil Munro at National Journal: FEC Rules Leave Loopholes For Online Donation Data: Reports Of Irregularities In Donations Under $200 Raise Questions Of Who Bears The Burden Of Filtering Out Improper Money, Patrick Ruffini at The Next Right: BarackObama.com's Lax Security Opens Door to Online Donor Fraud, and Paul R. Hollrah at New Media Journal: Obama is Bought, But Who Owns Him?

Megan McArdle's comments start getting interesting after the willfully obtuse have left, about here.

A question: IF the dubious fundraising activities amount to something criminal, AND Obama wins the election, THEN who will investigate?

Update: David Blue has more at Winds Of Change: The Big Steal, 2008. "That assumption that only Americans will decide the results of America's elections was old-fashioned, as the Obama campaign has demonstrated by opening its doors to unlimited millions of dollars in illegal donations, including foreign money."

Another update: Thanks to Patterico commenter AMac, I see that there is now a website dedicated to this topic: Obama Shrugged.

And see above, Stolen elections.

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