Monday, April 7, 2008

Cthulhu has a talk show

He's dead, he's sleeping, he's dreaming, and — he's on the air answering callers! Not just any Old One, a really Great Old One. Now for today's edition of Calls For Cthulhu. Folks, let's hear it for the mighty, unspeakable Cthulhu!

He also has a license plate. Or maybe the license plate belongs to a fan. Oh, yes, it would have to, since Cthulhu dwells in R'lyeh under the sea. Well, maybe not, it's a Virginia plate, and Virginia has a lot of shoreline, maybe R'lyeh is closer to shore than previously thought. It would have to be a fairly short cable run, for the TV show, and if someone, or something, wanted to come ashore, to scout around a little bit, checking on what to eat first, a car would be handy. Then again, too much contemplation of the Great Old Ones is itself dangerous, so it's time to end this now.

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