Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama music videos coming too fast to keep up

I was planning to save these for the next Gleanings, but I think I'll just get them up here now. Who knows how many more there will be in a week or two?

Let's start with "We Are Building a Religion:"

"We are now accepting callers for these pendant keychains." By way of Mark Hemingway at The Corner.

Theo has a parody of the Sammy Davis Jr./Willy Wonka "Candyman" song, which I thought was tasteless and awful the first time around. I assure you this is far more tasteless and awful even than that: The Obamaman Song. Unsafe for work or kids, but funny. Completely unrelated to Mississippi John Hurt's Candy Man.

Aaand here's another incredibly tasteless, unsafe-for-anyone, funny music video, a parody of "Umbrella" by Rihanna. (What? Who? I'm so out of it.) Hillary! and Obama discuss power-sharing. From Metafilter, by way of Radley Balko's link to something so strange that you'll just have to click through to find out about it. It's the first item in the multi-item post.

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