Monday, March 5, 2007

And here's the reason

why I am "Hector". (The "about me" page.)

"Jim Bennett" is, apparently, someone else. And also a lot of other people.

I am a former dues-paying Libertarian party member. I felt that Harry Browne, and with him, the party, left me after 9-11. In my opinion, they misinterpreted the self-defense part of the non-aggression doctrine. Not to try to start yet another political party, but it seems like there are a fair number of libertarians who are strong on national security -- call them "self-defense libertarians," or "national-defense libertarians" -- where's our candidate?

When I discovered Glenn Reynolds's Instapundit site (then on Blogspot), shortly after 9-11, I realized I had found someone of similar political leanings: like him, I had voted Libertarian in elections before 9-11, gravitated to the Republicans after that, without agreeing with them on much besides the need for a strong national defense. "Social liberal, fiscal conservative," isn't that how it goes? Reynolds was a very active linker then as now; I began to explore the nascent blogosphere using Instapundit as a starting point.

I'm very fond of the Constitution, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson; not so fond of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and anyone else who thinks that the citizens, and their assets, are the property of the state. That would include Hillary! (evidence at the link), and too many more who fancy themselves leaders.

I am a musician [but as someone said in the '60's -- was it Billy Faier?: "Do you consider yourself an artist?" "Hell no, I'm a banjo player!"] and music teacher. I studied Latin for years, which probably accounts for my penchant for long, complex sentences. I am a long-time SF reader, but not an actifan. Member of Chicon III, 1962, non-attending. I attended Boskone a couple of years ago, and hope to get to another one or two cons before the Singularity arrives. Favorite authors/books in the genre: Tolkien, Heinlein, James Branch Cabell, Lord Dunsany, Vernor Vinge, John Crowley (Engine Summer in particular), Robert Anton Wilson, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Charles Stross. Buffy and Firefly. I like anchovies on my pizza, and any kind of fish on my plate.

My daughter is a better musician than I am, even though she doesn't actually play an instrument. Synthesizers are wonderful things. A couple more of her songs are here.

The full quote from the header: "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters — then all that matters is what we do. 'Cause that's all there is. What we do, now, today."

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