Thursday, March 31, 2011

S. Weasel goes to an art show

A Norman Rockwell exhibition, to be exact. Turns out it's his first in England. Her review is here. Short version: "Superb."

Some discussion of the shortcomings of critics is included. Special credit to Uncle Badger, in comments. I find that if I am acquainted with the work of a critic, I can figure out whether he or she is likely to like a work that I am likely to like. But it's too much trouble to become acquainted with the work of every critic. And most art criticism, especially, is pretentious hooey.


Jack Radcliffe said...

Good criticism should serve both the artist and the audience. Brendan Behan's bitter mot ("A critic is like a eunuch in a harem... .") has more truth nowadays than ever. Modern critics seem to emulate the self-adoring wit of such beacons of critical light as Dorothy Parker and George Kaufman, but fail to capture the useful nuggets they embedded in that textual matrix.

Hector Owen said...

Oh yeah. "embedded in that textual matrix" — nice parody!