Saturday, November 21, 2009

Worrying about (A)GW wrecks real environmental concern

"Environmentalism" used to be called "conservationism." I wonder what happened to that? "Conservationist" sounds a little too much like "conservative." Liberals live and die by the labels in their heads, so the name had to be changed.

Warren Meyer says that global warming hysteria is "sucking the oxygen out of the environmental movement." Well, yeah. For instance, cyanide, used in gold mining, is definitely a poisonous pollutant. But carbon dioxide is an essential component of life. It's plant food. Yet we now have the EPA, the Supreme Court, and the President referring to carbon, meaning carbon dioxide, as a pollutant!

Washington (April 17, 2009) -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Administrator Lisa Jackson made an historic announcement today to move forward with the ruling that the carbon pollution that causes global warming is a danger to public health and welfare. This action will finally enable the EPA to begin implementing the 2007 Supreme Court ruling that carbon pollution can be curbed under the Clean Air Act.
We are carbon-based life forms, here on Earth. Honest, we are! There's a reason why "organic" chemistry is all about the carbon compounds.

Meyer's post links to some pictures from China that show what real pollution is about. For those who have forgotten.

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