Monday, January 12, 2009

Under the bus

This tossing things under the bus just won't stop. Oh, now it's an airbrush. When out of power, on the campaign trail, it's the rough and ready toss under the bus. When (nearly) in power, Winston Smith and his more subtle airbrush are ready at the Ministry of Truth.

Glenn Reynolds does not mention Carol Browner's name in this post,

SOCIALIST TIES? Close enough to be worth airbrushing, anyway. I wouldn’t think this was something that needed hiding, but apparently those who know more, do . . . .
but it's mentioned a few times in the links.

Of course Reynolds is a conservationist and a promoter of CFL bulbs. He might be setting up to recycle this text, with different links, for many more appointees to come.

Here earlier: Browner appointment is "an arrow aimed at the heart of the American economy."

Irrelevant: I am now imagining hand-painted "socialist ties." Plain red, with the hammer-and-sickle in yellow, for the classic look? Or gaudy "social realism" pictures of factories or missiles? Socialists only wear ties when they are having their pictures taken.

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