Saturday, December 20, 2008

Suggestion for DVD makers

I wonder if it would be possible to put out DVD's and CD's in a package similar to the 3.5" floppy disk, so that the surface of the disk would be exposed only when the disk was inserted in the player, and even then only a small portion of it. Of course everyone would need new players.

But I'm getting tired of rental DVD's with surface flaws that obviously were caused by careless handling of the disk. You get partway through a movie, and then are left hanging. At least with VCR tapes, you could tell pretty easily if the tape was broken before putting it in the player.

This digital information storage is great stuff, but I wonder how much of the godzillabytes that are being stored in one form or another will last even a fraction as long as those clay tablets from Sumer.


River Cocytus said...

It's called a 'caddy'. They used to have them for CD's - my brother had an old CD burner that did not have a tray, but was a caddy loader. You put the disc in the caddy and then loaded the caddy into the drive.

Of course, with the magnetic disks, the caddy is not optional, since they are 'floppy'.

Would be cool, though, if they could make a super-slim caddy that would allow the disc to still fit in my CD wallet.

Hector Owen said...

Oh, yes, I remember those. Those would save the disks from damage while inside the player, but would actually require more handling between jewel-case and player, leading to more opportunities for damage. The floppy disk, by contrast, has the case permanently attached to the data disk.

There will be another format along soon enough, and it will be time to back up all our CD's and DVD's to datacubes or crystals.