Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just too damn many people, that's all

This grew too big to be a Gleaning. More on Deep Greens, and how they would like to radically reduce the world's population, starting with everybody else.

Dave Lindorff: Global Warming Will Save America from the Right...Eventually. There used to be hundreds of comments on this. Lindorff now claims that it is satire, of the "Modest Proposal" variety. It's not uncommon for lefties to make death threats and voice death wishes, and when called on it claim that they are kidding. (For example, the wishful thinking movie "Death of a President." It takes a lot of effort and money to make a movie.) Here it is in the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel, an over-the-moonbat "non-profit Internet-only newspaper publication." In context with the other stories in the C&S, it fits right in. I'm still waiting for the prices of waterfront property to start declining. That's when we'll know if there's anything to this.

Compare and contrast: Ask Ethan: Is it ethical to force people to be green?

Ethan's five-point plan:

1. A ban on all motorised transport
2. A ban on all petro-chemical, poison-spraying agriculture
3. A ban on all space heating
4. Restrictions on health care
5. Reducing the number of children born
I constantly remind my children that they are a terrible drain on the planet. Sometimes they cry. I think it’s good that they share Gaia’s pain.… Ultimately, the world’s population must be reduced - by 5.9 billion. But the 100 million left, devoid of cars, planes, heaters and fertilisers will be a much smaller burden on the planet. What a happy place it will be!
All the details at the link. By way of Alien Corn.

Further compare and contrast: Ethan is satire. Paul Watson is serious. (Isn't he? He sounds serious.)

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